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We offer Professional House painting service, Villa painting service, Apartment painting service and Commercial painting service. Provided with an excellent customer satisfaction.
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Our Painting team in Dubai envision Experience, Quality & Workmanship while providing best service in Dubai. We mix each all with our secrets and produce something that cannot be provided by our competitors at the same prices.


We consider that we have the best painting service resources in Dubai in terms of the Painters, which is very crucial for the painters to carry out their responsibilities effectively.


Our experienced painting professionals provide high-quality painting services both for house painting and villa painting. From the phone call you make to set the appointment to the end of handover, we follow clearly determined stages to achieve your satisfaction with giving you the best price of our painting service in dubai.


We’re skilled and get your job done fast and clean.

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We Care About Your Health

Since 2015, at Noor Painting we consider our customer’s and employee’s health and safety above all. We strive to offer you Jotun Paint and National Paint.

The persistent fact is that it hinders the growth of viruses and bacteria on the coated surface and then reduces the spread of contagious diseases.


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We Care About Your Home

We are Noor Painting that offers an array of services from customized Bathroom Renovation Dubai, Kitchen Renovation Dubai, and Full Home Renovation to individual service hire.

At Noor Painting, all your needs from home renovations to kitchen and bathroom refurbishment and repair in Dubai are catered for.

Our team itself comprises some of the expert quality tradesmen that Dubai has to offer, including painters, plumbers, mason, electricians, interior designers, tillers, and carpenters. The efficiency and longevity of our work is ensured by the competence of our team leaders and project managers.


Renovation Services

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Bathroom Renovation

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Kitchen Renovation

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Home Renovation

Why Noor Painting for Painting Services in Dubai?

We have been offering outstanding Professional painting services in Dubai during the last 10 years.Being a fully dedicated professional, we finished Home painting service and Villa painting service projects that are always focused on complete client satisfaction.We call all our painters and decorators in our team to deliver artwork pieces which exude quality at favorable pricing.


Noor Painting painters and decorators in dubai firmly believe in having and sticking to tight and agreed upon schedules to ensure timely finishing of Dubai home painting. We know how difficult it can be for people to achieve perfect work during the process of reflecting themselves on their homes and villas, so we provide the cheapest prices without sacrificing the quality.


This is another point in favour of our painting-and-decoration service: it saves money. We, not only, because every house and villa painting services Dubai but because of the fact that expenses shouldn't surpass the actual budget we set. The best painting service quality is what we give the Best Price with. Please contact us to get an appointment with professional and experienced painters in Dubai.


Noor Painting professional painting services provide house painting and villa painting for Dubai residents. In the current Dubai's situation that the services of paintings have become more demanding. But we have, however, the painting expertise and knowledge in order to know the suitable method that will work for our customers.


Our services understand the heavy schedules of our customers and we work on weekends and late in the night to offer painting services without disturbing the planning of our client (although they are also completely adaptable to your schedule).


Customer service is the responsibility of each team member in our Company, and so communicating with the Project Manager is what you will do if you are ever an issue like house painting and villa painting Dubai. Dedication is his trademark through taking the painting projects of our customers seriously.


We realized that our clients seem to be confused on the picking of the right color and finish for house painting, villa painting and businesses in Dubai. Therefore, we are giving free paint color consultations, paint color visualization tools, and as much as 3,000 shades of National paints and Jotun paint for your selection!

How Our Painters in Dubai works?

Many of the Home owners explained that it is difficult to identify an experienced and trustworthy Painter Dubai (Home painting & villa painting). Trust no other than our Noor Painting Service based professionals to paint your home, villa painting and so much more. First of all, there are many benefits of hiring our professional painting team to do the painting of your home and villa.

How Our Painters in Dubai works?​

Scheduling with Noor Painting is so simple. One simple phone call or email is enough to have a professional Painters hire who will ensure to provide the best painting services possible, with care for your home and offices. If you rather have an estimate of cost we can give you a general cost estimate over the phone based on your needs.


Noor Painting Home painting services Dubai Project Manager will make a timely appearance by the time of the appointment. We will do the house and villa painting with you, review the work and quote the time and price you need. The project manager will bring multiple extra painters to the table if the job to be performed asks for more than a single painters.


We at Noor Painting Painters in Dubai paints services about Home and Villa paint we recommend working with National & Jotun paint. One of the major reasons to use Noor Painting company for your home painting and villa painting dubai is that you and your property are guarded. We Noor Painting services UAE offer top paint works in Dubai. It is ensured that your floors’ and furniture’s protection are maintained in good condition when we commence. We will leave you to realize that we have professional painters in Dubai which means that we have quality services.


Usually, Noor Painting ask for a 50% deposit before beginning our work. Balance Payment should be received at the time of delivery of home painting and villa painting services unless otherwise agreed. Our work is backed by our Guarantee: After we leave your home, if you have an issue with our painting services in dubai or the quality of our workmanship, simply call us back and we will return to solve the painting issue.

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